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Brooklyn Kayak Company has earned massive repute among other kayak manufacturers for their high-end kayaking products. The premium vessels tend to last longer and provide ultimate convenience to the users. In this article, I will source every point of valuable information you need to know before purchasing a Brooklyn Kayak,including buying guide to the top five kayak model from the company. In addition to that, you will also read a little background story of the company and things they follow for opting ultimate success.

Company back story:

As the name suggests, Brooklyn Kayak begins in the hustling bustling city of Brooklyn. The company came into being in 1898 to provide the people with kayak gears that offer high quality and durability to the users. The vessels provided by the Brooklyn Kayak company come with multiple user-friendly features that give the customers the stress free experience of spending their money. Besides that,it is the only company that offers a wide range of boats that are suitable for both fishing and kayaking.

Buying guide for choosing the best kayak:

Purchasing a kayak can be a stimulating activity. There can be many reasons for buying the vessel, such as fishing,nature, and casual hiking in the nearby lakes. Whatever the reason be, kayaking is considered a fun activity. What enhances the experience more is procuring a boat that ticks all the right corners. Here are some factors to keep in mind before purchasing a kayak that gives you the maximum value of money:

Water type:

Water type is the most significant contributing factor when purchasing a kayak. You can buy a vessel with the desired specifications by considering the type of experience you want to have with the kayak. For instance, kayaks made for beaches, sheltered ponds, and backwater are all different from each other.

Purpose of Kayaks:

Kayaks present a considerable number of options. Narrow down the requirements so that it would be easy for you to make a choice. For example, the fishing kayaks are specific in their functionalities that motorboats cannot serve. The BKC fishing kayaks come with 5-rod holders that you often do not see in other fishing vessels made from other manufacturers.

Sit-on type or sit in the vessel

Sit o kayaks are usually preferred by kayakers. Besides that, beginners are also advised to purchase it on kayaks. These are easy to manage and contain easy draining mechanisms than sit-in ones. At the same time, the seats are not designed to oversee turbulence water and might cause a lot of splashes in deeper waters.

On the other hand, sit-in kayaks are excellent vessel choices for long trips. They provide more protection and reliability to trained and experienced kayakers. with efficient paddling and faster speeds, the vessel is all that you need for your next trip in cool temperatures

Kayak Shape

The shape of the vessel directly affects the movement and speed. In other words, choosing the correct form of the kayak is essential in finding the best boat in the market. For added maneuverability, find the kayak with rounded hulls. Such kayak works perfectly on coastline beaches and rivers. If you think of going on a fishing trip, select a wider and shorter vessel; such boats are not amazingly fast but offer more stability and are perfect for casual paddling.

Tandem or one person

Before getting your firsthand the on-an-only kayak, consider if you want to paddle alone or with an acquaintance. For paddling pairs, the tandem kayaks are the best as it contains two seats in the cockpit. Such kayaks are perfect for couples as well as it teaches the duo how to cooperate with each other to run the vessel soundly.

On the other hand, one person kayak gives full authority to the solo driver to control the movement of the kayak in the water. The vessel allows you to enjoythe serenity of water alone. It is light weight and can be transported without any hassle. It is also faster than the former one.

Pedal or paddle kayaks

The pedal is different from paddle even though the two terms are widely confused by the buyers. Pedals are perfect for people who are conscious about their heart health. Besides that,these kayaks free the driver’s hand and allow adjusting fishing according to different baits.On the other hand, Paddle kayaks are perfect for water trips and are easy to use by the user.

Top 5 BKC Kayaks In The Market

1: BKC PK11 Angler 10.5-Foot Sit on Top Solo Fishing Kayak

It is a single-person kayak that comes with sit-on-top seating. The propeller system of the vessel allows smooth movement on a variety of waters. Brooklyn Kayak Company has your health at interest; therefore, this model has a pedal system that allows hands-free driving.

Foot Sit on Top Solo Fishing Kayak

It is ideal for fishing in different forms of water as it contains a stable hull. On the other hand, the rudder system can provide additional control to the user in windy weather. It is only sixty pounds in weight, making movement easy. Users can attach three fishing rods at a time. Another excellent aspect about the product is that it can support upto 420 pounds of weight, making the sturdiest on the list. Lastly, the BKC kayak model has gone through several quality check tests to endure proper customer safety.


  • It can sustain up to 420 pounds of weight
  • The kayak is faster than the others on the list
  • It is cheaper than other kayaks in the market


  • The kayak can not track in a straight line
  • Some customers complained regarding the quick rusting of the cast metal

2: BKC TK181 12.5′ Tandem Sit on Top Kayak

The BKC kayaks are perfect for outdoor fun activities. The spacious vessel can accommodate three individuals at a time. It also contains a child seat so that kids can also be a part of kayaking and fishing activities. Accessories that come with the boats are two padded seats, two adjustable aluminum paddles, six built-in rod holders, two waterproof hatches, bungee cargo, and paddle parks. Besides that, the polyethene material makes this product superior to the inflatable ones. It does not puncture or malfunction even after decades of usage. When it comes to holding weight, the kayak can sustain over 590 pounds. For added convenience, the product arrives in four exciting colors to have a wide variety of choices. The wide paddles allow smooth gliding even in the water full of currents and windy weather.

Tandem Sit on Top Kayak

BKC knows how important comfort is to the users. Therefore, the seats of the Tandem Kayak are incredibly comfortable and reduce back pain even after long hours of use. The kayak is made from roto-molded HDPE that prevents abrasions and contains UV protection. Many among us act skeptical before purchasing an essential item such as a kayak. To ease their tension, the manufacturer provides quality assurance certification so that customers cannot get confused or change their minds.


  • The kayak offers excellent stability and prevents drowning
  • It comes with comfortable padded seats
  • The kayak provides multiple fishing rod holders
  • It is capacious


  • Some customers complained that this model tends to fill up with water after some use
  • It is expensive than others on the list

3: Brooklyn Kayak Company BKC UH-RA220 11.5-foot Angler Sit on Top Fishing Kayak

It is a 70-pound kayak that is widely loved by kayaking customers all over the world. The manufacturer did not disappoint its customers and provided extra features with this product. Unfortunately, it is only sold in a single color, making a choice negligible for buyers. The kayak comes with two flush-mounted rod holders, 3-rod holders, and one adjustable rod holder when it comes to accessories. The ergonomic design of the kayak gives it optimal stability and does not let the user fall even after jumping or standing in the kayak. Besides that, it comes with a size able watertight cargo area that keeps all your belonging dry. The paddles of the kayak get secured by the bungee paddle holders. Other than that, it can get highly compact in size to easily carry it in bags without any hassle.

Angler Sit on Top Fishing Kayak 

It is a one-person kayak that offers excellent fishing. Many customers praised its versatile nature and its smooth movement on diverse types of waters. Overall, it is 11.5 feet in length, giving the user enough room to be comfortable. The paddle holders allow you to use your hands for other purposes like fishing. The sitting is web-type and gets contoured as per the shape of the user’s back.

Here are the incredible things quoted by the delighted customers of Brooklyn Kayak Company UH-RA220


  • It has an ergonomic and minimal design
  • It is economical in price
  • It is perfect for overweight individuals
  • The kayak is exceptionally durable


  • The strapping on the seat gets loosened quickly

4: BKC PK13 13′ Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak W/Rudder System and Instant Reverse

The one-person kayak is considered an excellent catch due to its unique specifications. It comes in three beautiful and unique colors so that customers can make a choice accordingly. When it comes to weight, it is an 80-pound kayak that can accommodate over five hundred pounds. The bicycle-style pedals keep the user fit and move the vessel faster. The ergonomically designed aluminum design makes this kayak sturdy and easy to manage. You will get two water-resistant hatches, built-in rod holders, and bungee cargo tie down upon each purchase. This model is made from high-density polyethene material that prevents the puncturing of the boat and keeps it working for decades without damage.

Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak

Besides that, the vessel is also easy to clean and does not hold water. Another amazing feature of the product is that it can also go backwards, a unique trait that you can not find in other models. Manufacturers know how important it is to have a storage area in a kayak; therefore, this model comes with an expansive storage area with a bungee cover and ice cream box area. Upon purchase,you will get a dry bag that makes this vessel portable and dry for the next trip. Besides that, the bag also makes storage easy for the customers.


  • The product comes in a dry bag
  • It can move in reverse
  • It is a deal for overweight people


  • It is expensive than others on the list
  • Many customers complained that the manufacturer that they do not sell replacement spare parts

5: BKC FK184 9′ Single Sit on Top Fishing Kayak

It is the most updated model from the Brooklyn kayak company. For added convenience, the kayak comes in three beautiful and eye-catching colors. It is also a solo sit-on-top model, just like others mentioned in the review. It is a very lightweight kayak with a 40-pound load. The versatile vessel offers all the specifications that solo kayakers need. When it comes to the weight limit, it is about 330 pounds. The stable posture of the kayak keeps it smooth even in turbulent water. The kayak’s waterproof storage keeps all your belongings dry and damage-free even on long trips.

Single Sit on Top Fishing Kayak

The high-density polyethene material keeps cleaning and overall damage at bay. Behold for the quality as this kayak comes with several quality assurance checks so that customers do not worry about their lives amid kayaking or fishing.


  • It has an ergonomic design
  • It is durable


  • It is expensive
  • It accommodates limited weight


Brooklyn Kayak Company has made big name in the kayak selling industry. The company manufactures top-notch kayak gears that make each tip smooth and fun-filled for the users. In this article, we have sourced a handy buying guide along top 5 BKC kayaks that are available in the online market.

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